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The old saying "Money Buys Speed, How Fast Do You Want To Go" has always been a very true statement. The problem with that in this day and age is everyone has the same "Store Bought" pieces to go racing with, making finding an advantage difficult at best.

The one thing money can't buy is Experience. But it can be rented!

At the end of the day I am a racer and as comfortable at a dirt track in the Mid West as I am at a NASCAR Sprint Cup Race. Winning races is simply what we do. "IT'S OUR BUSINESS"

We provide consulting service ranging from working with the next eight year old "Super Star" racing go carts to assembling a complete NASCAR Sprint Cup effort and everything in between. We also provide consulting services VIA phone for those on a tighter budget.

JInce Consulting's number one goal is to help you improve your racing program. Our fee's are handled case by case.

Consulting services are billed either by the hour, day or by the project. Clients are required to cover all expenses associated with any travel along with our consulting fee's. Our rates will of course be reduced for travel time. We are in business to make money but racing always comes first. I have simply never gone to a racetrack with money in mind.

We work very hard to try to fit every budget without compromising our services.

There is no racing project to large or small that we can not handle.

We never have any hidden fee's and will provide a quote for our services specific to your project before the project begins.

Please contact us via email to schedule a free phone consultation so I may set aside an undisturbed part of my day  to discuss your needs.

I do offer a very clear guarantee.
"If we do not improve your racing program and make     you faster, I will give you double your money back".


                                                                                            I look very forward to hearing from you,

                                                                                       James Ince
I have been very fortunate in my Motorsports career to have always had the best teachers and truly consider myself a student of the sport.

Jince Consulting Inc. was established in 2003 as a way to try to give back something to the racing community that I love so much and have invested my life in and as a way to stay involved in all forms of racing.